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 Nightmare (under progress)

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Nightmare (under progress) Empty
PostSubject: Nightmare (under progress)   Nightmare (under progress) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2008 4:29 am

My class seemed to have like it... But if you find something overly
cheesy or bad, please be honest! This is the second story I have every
written so far and I suck at writing Dx

ps: This is the school
version so I was suppose to make it a short story... I had to cut the
story off at the most randomest place because, it just keeps going! I
am still writing, but I had to end it somewhere or I'd get a bad grade,

Also Every time you see a *** is were I cut off many side
scenes because I had to cut off a lot of length (Even this, the class
period only had enough time for 3 people to read my story, bleh, and
the original is well over 40 pages) so yer, I'll get the extended
version up soon, I just need to edit the extended scenes.



My name is Jack Tyler. I am 18 years old and am currently jobless. I
have to move out of my mum’s house but it’s a huge drag to find an
apartment, I would need to get myself a job pretty much instantly as
My friends, Fred (The basic punk of the gang, he seems to
enjoy music games and got himself a eye brow piecing not to long ago
when he could. He is the oldest but the most childish. Fred is a very
bad singer and isn’t good at writing poems, but he seems to enjoy them
a lot), Tom (The more intelligent. Tom tries to keep both molly and
Fred in control with their obnoxiousness, he is glad he doesn’t have to
do the same thing for me. He enjoys card games and reading.) and Molly
(the silly and cheerful. She seems to love muffins and for an odd
reason love giving people random hugs. I swear, if she tries to
randomly hug me again…) all wanted to help me out. I couldn’t really
decide what they can do to help me out so I just gave them the job of
bringing my stuff down to my car and unloading everything at my new
I have searched up as many apartments as I could and so far
the cheapest is far off to the south within my gas & budget range
but apparently there are many bad rumors spread about the people who
live there. As long as it isn’t that far off, and it’s pretty cheap for
my start on living by myself, I am sure I could handle it, whatever the
rumors may be.

Chapter 1
Moving & silly friends

yah Jack! You need these?” Fred picked up a dusty pair of old shoes
that I don’t remember having from the bottom of my closet.
“No you
dim wit,” I yelled raising a huge box over my head. Fred stared at the
shoes and shook them to make sure nothing was hiding inside like a
spider molly found under my T.V. Dust lifted off the shoes like smoke.
I have it?” Fred responded coughing. Molly peaked out from under a few
boxes with a huge load of game cases that made her drop one of the game
cube controllers.
“Ew! You want Jack’s dusty old shoes?” Fred looked at her puzzled.
There’s nothing wrong with ‘em, and knowing Jack he’d throw these
away.” Tom grabbed the shoes from Fred and searched them as Fred yelled
trying to get the shoes back from him.
“No offence Fred, but that’s gross.” Molly added picking up the controller she dropped.
on tom! Gimi those back!” Fred yelled completely ignoring Molly’s
statement. Tom spun the shoes from the shoe laces and swung the shoes
at Fred. The punky 19 year old ducked and the shoes flew and hit the
walls making a loud sound that caused me to drop the box I was holding.

“Great going there Tom,” I said sarcastically trying to get a good grip on the box again.
look a’ what you did Tom! And to think I thought you were a smarty
goody good with your little playing cards.” Tom made a motion of
hitting Fred and stopped right before he reached his nose; Fred made a
girlish scream and fell down curling onto a ball at Tom’s feet.
Don’t hurt me!” Fred’s yell was muffled holding his arms around his
head trying to protect himself. Tom laughed and gave a light kick at
Fred’s side making him give out another girly scream.
“You guys…
Just get the boxes to my car and then you can worry about hurting each
other later,” I said walking up to them with the big box still at hand
covering my face. Fred jumped up to his feet and put his hand over his
forehead knocking Tom off balance.
“YES SIR!” Fred saluted and
moved his hand from his forehead and started grabbing the boxes near
him in a rush. You could tell Tom wasn’t happy with Fred, he sighed and
went back to loading up the car while I, Fred and Molly got the boxes
ready and the house cleaned, then we headed out the door to find the
new apartment.

* * *

We arrived at the apartment;
it took over 3 hours to drive there from where we left. (Most of it was
driving but we had to stop for gas and went to eat at a fast food
restaurant) We left at around 5 PM so the sun was almost down.
looked across the apartment and I noticed that it looked very old; it
was still cheap for a complex apartment. There were many duplexes and
fourplexes but Tom wanted me to live in a larger complex, I don’t know
why, but he made it seem very convincing.
Circling around the
apartment I finally found the driveway to the parking lot, but it was
under the apartment instead of on its side like most places. I set my
car brakes a little heavier then normal so I wouldn’t bump into any
other car heading out, this place didn’t have many cars at all, but
it’s still good to be cautious. It kind of seemed deserted, so I parked
in a random spot near the entrance.
“Wow Jack, looks like you will
truly live by yourself after all,” Molly paused gazing through the huge
empty space around her as she got out the car. Tom was the second who
got himself out trying not to crush the boxes they had to sit next to.
peaceful to me,” Tom remarked. Fred speared out of the car jumping
wildly with my rock band controller he found in one of the boxes
dancing in the parking lot.
“Yeah, Boyeeeee!” Fred yelled, tossing his head up and down while throwing his hand above the controller like a guitar.
you shouldn’t let any electronics near Fred, unless you want them to
get broken.” Tom added watching Fred spinning around in the empty
parking lot screaming at the top of his lungs.
“I would take his advice Jack,” Molly laughed.
he looks like he is having the time of his life though, maybe I should
let him. I am sure he wouldn’t be dumb enough to break a 50$
controller.” Molly and Tom looked at each other, and we all started
laughing. Fred stopping jumping around and ran to us out of breath
holding onto the controller with a strong grip.
“W….w….what are you guys…. Laughing… about?” Fred gasped for air.
“You, silly!” Molly hit Fred on the back. I picked up my controller from Fred and pointed to the entrance of the parking lot.
“Come on, I still need to unload all my stuff.” I said.
FRED,” Tom accused. Both Tom and Fred went first out of the parking lot
with boxes and they looped to get to the complex apartment main
entrance. Molly was taking a little while trying to carry everything
all at once.
“Molly, you know you can carry less if you’re having trouble, I am not in any rush.” Molly glared at me angrily.
“I can carry as many things as I want!” she demanded with an arm full of boxes she grabbed from my trunk.
Please don’t break anything,” I frowned shaking my head as Molly
dropped a huge box on the parking lot floor. “I swear you are just as
stubborn as Fred sometimes.”
“Oh, that reminds me!” Molly giggled
putting the boxes on the ground ignoring what I said and almost
tripping. She tumbled forward with something sapphire colored with a
silver wire attached to it she grabbed from her coat pocket.
“Here, it’s a gift.” Molly shoved the sapphire object in my right hand.
“A necklace?” I defined staring at it keeping balance of the box in my other hand against my chest.
what? Dudes can’t wear necklaces or something? It’s sapphire, your
favorite color!” She was right, but it still didn’t seem like something
I would ever look at again and I might throw it in with my junk.
“Uh…. Well… Thanks?” I grinned trying to put up a fake smile.
WELCOME!” Molly screamed in my ears and she picked up the boxes she
dropped near the car and ran for the exit of the parking lot. I sighed
and put the sapphire necklace in my pocket and followed her.

“Okay, we will see you later Jack,” Molly yelled walking out of my door.
“Yeah, if Fred doesn’t get you guys into a car crash,” I yelled back. Fred looked back at me and laughed.
“Haha… very funny Jack,” Fred hissed.
Fred,” Tom hit Fred on the head as they left the apartment building. I
looked over my new home. It looks Okay, the place has a huge living
room and has a computer room size and another that seemed like a guest
area. The kitchen is attached to the living room which looks sort of
tacky and the carpet was a light grey. It’s past 12 PM now since we
finally finished up placing all the boxes in my new home. I think I
should go to sleep, I am pretty tired and I can set all my stuff up
tomorrow morning. I set out my temporary bed, took off my shoes and
coat and jumped on the bed.
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Posts : 59
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Age : 25
Location : Hiding from bees

Nightmare (under progress) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nightmare (under progress)   Nightmare (under progress) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2008 4:29 am

Chapter 2
Dream catchers

freezing, and blackness surrounds me. The air is sharp against my skin.
I can see myself, but it was weird, I was watching myself in 3rd person
as creatures made up of darkness were surrounding me. I had nothing, I
thought of nothing, and was trapped. The creatures of many different
forms seem to want to keep me there forever, wherever I was.
it shifted, I found myself in a blank space, with an indescribable
creature staring at me in the face with blood dripping down its tongue.
It had weird snake like dragon creatures that was attached to the main
head which consisted of horrible 3 foot long razor sharp teeth having a
shark like appearance yet leaving off a leech feel. It’s what looks to
have been bat wings twisted up in a very wrong way and it had a huge
crystal embedded on both of its enormous arms. Everything seemed to
have been black and white, except for the blood that dripped from the
beast’s tongue on the blank surface near my feet. The eyes that
continue down the snake like dragon’s necks were all focused on me, and
I couldn’t move.

* * *

I woke up with a pile of
drool beside me and I was completely off my bed with a drift of a
blanket leading to me. I wiped my face and had horrible back pain, my
hair was really messy and some of it was wet with drool.
“What the
hell was that?” I said to myself as I cleared my vision looking at my
wrist watch blankly realizing the time, it was 1 o’clock. I looked near
where my coat was placed and I saw that my cell phone was lit up from
my coat pocket. I don’t normally keep it on, and I actually wouldn’t
have one because I never use it, but Fred and Molly demanded I would
keep it on if they wanted to call me. Sure enough, I open the phone and
it says I had gotten a call from Fred’s phone, he’d sent a voice mail
as well. I turned my cell phone’s sound on and checked the voice mail.
Jack, you there? Well, when yah get to your phone, the gang was going
over to Molly’s house. She is making us muffins! We all might go and
get some lunch too, so get yer arse here now! Rock on dude, peace out.”
I switched the phone off and picked up my coat. The boxes still haven’t
been opened and I don’t really have any furniture yet except my bed
that my friends helped me get in here, but I should meet my friends at
Molly’s house before I do anything. They will be mad at me for being
late anyways.
I put my hand in my pocket in search of my keys and
instead picked up the necklace Molly gave me as well. I grabbed the
silver wire of it and swung the sapphire object and threw it somewhere
on my bed. I ran out the door and locked it.

* * *

now past 1 AM and I am driving myself home. I couldn’t reject going to
the movies with my friends after we had some muffins and late
breakfast. It was an Okay movie, a horror movie called Nightmare but it
wasn’t really that well done. Molly freaked out along with Fred. Tom
just relaxed and kind of fell asleep during the movie. I had to wake
him up because he started to snore and I guess I was enjoying the movie
enough to find it entertaining. Almost falling asleep on the road, a
car honked and startled me. I was driving in the middle of the road and
had to loop back to the lane I was supposed to drive on. Taking the
passage way to my apartment, I turned on the last traffic light.
around for the parking lot it felt a little different than yesterday
night. There were no cars, but as I drove to the spot near the
entrance, a group of people with black coats were near my spot. I can’t
really remember if I was so tired that I might have imagined them.
out of my car I tried my best not to pay attention to them. It was hard
because I can feel their eyes, kind of like that really strange dream I
had with that horrible creature, you know, with the eyes staring at me.
They were all holding these really ugly dream catchers that you see in
stores, but they had a few unique features to them. I slowly slinked to
the exit of the parking lot and then ran for it to get to my apartment
door. I unlocked it, twisted the knob and jumped in but a little too
fast. I slammed my face onto the side of the door and fell off to the
ground off balance holding my face in pain.
“Son of a…” I almost
cursed but held my last word as I locked the door behind me. I walk
over to my bed still holding my face and collapsed onto it without
taking my shoes off or changing. I fell asleep instantly with
exhaustion forgetting I still had Molly’s gift beside me.

Chapter 3
The Little Girl and the Beast

ever it was, it felt quite soothing and made me feel kind of blank
inside. It felt like I had nothing to worry about in the world.
Everything was somewhat hazy, the sky was painted with a light shade of
soft blue, I was in the middle of some endless field of grass and a
slight breeze pushed past everything making a wave across the blank
area like a wave of water. The endless field was so beautiful,
something you can hardly describe. My clothes were going wildly to the
direction of the wind and my hair was trying to get itself in my face.
am I?” I whispered but the sound of my voice couldn’t reach my ears.
Sound of bells and something really calming drifted past the field and
the wind started to pick up. Staring blankly at the field it was hard
to think, not anything in specific, it was just hard to have any
thought at all. I hadn’t realized it, but my legs were already carrying
me across the field.
Whispers… I hear them everywhere, no one was
around but it feels so normal it’s a little strange. I can hear a
girl’s laughter behind me, I twist myself around to look but I saw
nothing, just more fields of grass as far as I could see. It kind of
scares me, but the feeling dies out and I catch a glimpse of something
small and furry in the corner of my eye.
“Jack!” the figure yelled
out and attacked me from behind with enough force to knock me over, my
face was pushed down to the long grass with my mouth still halfway open.
can’t breathe!” The words escaped my lips in a muffle. The weight
suddenly lifted of me and I had a chance to get up. Coughing up grass
and dirt I catch a view of the creature. It looked like a mix between a
bird and a cat, but it had huge eyes with a chain brace across both
wrists and a scar spread on its back. I looked at it confused, but it
didn’t seem to appear to me that it was abnormal in any way.
“Hey Jack!” The creature shrieked in a sweet voice.
“… hey?” I said in confusion.
Jack you remember me!” The bird like cat lunged and jumped on my head
grabbing onto my face and covering my eyes as it tried to balance
itself on my forehead.
“Hey! What are you doing up there!” I spat blindly being choked by the bird like cat’s long tail across my neck.
do you mean buddy?” The creature sang spreading its little wings to the
breeze of the wind. “I want a better view!” I swiped my arms up trying
to grab the creature and finally found the scruff you find on kittens
on the neck of the creature. I gripped onto it and pulled the cat like
bird off my head and in front of my face to get a better view.
“What are you talking about?” I exclaimed. The creature looked at me saddened.
“Mew? You don’t remember me bro?” The eyes of the bird like cat’s face seem to have widened in huge let down expression.
“No… Why would I?” I responded.
“But-but-but… I thought we were… How could you forget me? Mew?” I glared at the creature puzzled by its response.
“What are you exactly?” I questioned. The creature got even sadder with my response.
“I like muffins!” its expression changed to a more happier and cheerful mood.
does that have to do with anything?!” I yelled frustrated. The bird
like cat whipped its head up to look at the sky. It looked worried and
panicky now.
“It’s coming… It’s coming!” It speared out of my
clutches and forced itself forward not letting anything slow itself
down. It folded its wings and then the bird like cat was fading out of
view of the endless field.
“Fine... I didn’t need your help,” I
sighed. It didn’t feel right, the breeze had stopped and the clear blue
sky started to darken dramatically. The grass started to fade and only
darkness surrounded me. I heard that girl’s laughter again behind me,
but I saw her this time. She had a very sweet look, but had a glare
that gave me a chill down my spine. She had crystal black eyes and long
white hair and was most likely less than 5 years of age. A dark shadow
was waiting behind her and crystal shards were spreading across the air.
finally get to meet you,” The girl said politely with perfect grammar.
The shadow shifted sharply and its claws stretched out reaching near
me. It looks like nothing I could have ever imagined, but it was very
familiar. The girl glazed at me and turned her head sideways sweetly.
“Is there something wrong?” She sang.
The words didn’t come out as well as I wanted it to come out as I
looked at the creature behind her. I tried again, “what do you mean;
you finally get to meet me?” The girl looked down and swirled one of
the crystal shards across her hands and the shard shattered. The girl
pet the creature’s head and she started to walk closer to me, but it
was really specific it would be very hard to describe.
“I have a
favor to ask you Jack.” She blinked softly and opened her hands as if
she wanted something handed to her. A dream catcher appeared in the
palm of her hands and it floated across her fingers.
“Remember these?”

* * *

jumped up from my bed the next morning with pain in my neck and a
horrible headache. I scanned my surroundings and slinked back onto my
pillow breathing heavily. I slept with my feet on the side of the bed
and my head resting only partially on my pillow. I remember the parking
lot incident yesterday after the movies and my strange dream I had
about that girl and all the weird things that came along with it. I had
never had such a strange dream before I moved into this apartment.
Moving around trying to find a comfortable position to rest, I can’t
seem to fall back asleep, tossing and turning I decided to get up, but
a light ringing sound hit from the side of my bed. I looked over and I
found the sapphire necklace on the floor.
“Maybe it might not be
that bad…” I whispered to myself. I grabbed the silver wire part of the
necklace and put it around my neck.
The floor was messy with half
opened boxes from packing and clothes spread across the ground. I
glance at my wrist watch like I normally do and found that it was 11 AM
in the morning, I should eat something.
I picked up one corner of the blankets on my bed and started to fix it up. It’s frustrating; the sheet was partly off too.
Slipping the last sheet corner to the edge of the bed, a knocking sound that came from my door started me.
hear someone at the door...” I whispered to myself. Dropped the corner
of the blanket and walking to the door, I turned the knob.
“I can
sense a dark presence among you,” A weird dressed guy spat at a harsh
tone as I opened the door. It’s him, one of the guys that were watching
me. I guess I really did see them.
“Meaning?” I questioned. The man
glared at me and said nothing. He grabbed something from his long black
coat, it was those dream catchers.
“I was ordered to give you the
cure for the darkness that follows you. She’s watching you Jack
Tyler.” Ouch... He knows my name and is completely mental.
old man waved that dream catcher at me and wouldn’t let me move. I
tried to walk back inside but he latched on my arm and twisted it to
the point it wouldn’t go any further.
“If you give in, you will be
devoured by the darkness!” and he squeezed my wrist, shoving the dream
catcher in my face somehow pinning my other arm.
I got one arm
loose and threw my fisted at the old man’s aged face and knocked the
guy off balance. In shock he ran off leaving the dream catcher behind.
I heard a pained whimper across the hallway and it faded into
quietness. I think I might have broken his nose. I remained there;
staring at the dream catcher he left and looked at my arm that was
twisted. That guy’s good for an old geezer, my arm was red and hurt,
but I don’t really care.
“The darkness? That girl and the dragon…” I whispered quietly to myself.

* * *

was putting away a few of the game systems I had sitting in one of my
boxes, and I looked over to glare at the dream catcher I threw on the
kitchen floor after that crazy old bat came at me the other day. I felt
tired and went to go take a nap. I woke up to another knocking sound at
my front door.
“Go away crazy bat man!” I yelled out, and then I heard a familiar voice yell back at me through the door.
that’s not nice yah know! That kinda hurt meh feelin’s…” Fred shouted.
I immediately hopped off my bed and ran to open the door.
“Oh, sorry Fred, I though you were someone else,” Fred looked at me confused.
man, yah look horrible, what’s with yer arm?” I glanced back at my arm
and noticed it was still red. Molly jumped forward from the hallway and
pushed Fred out of the way.
“Jack? You’re wearing the necklace I gave you!” Molly screamed excited. Fred sunk on the floor and sat down.
“Yeah… I am.” I said quietly.
“Everybody is hatin’ on Fred these days.” Fred whimpered on the floor.
necklace? Now that’s unusual, for Jack. I would expect this more from
Fred.” Tom teased stepped beside Molly to get a better look at it.
from Molly, I didn’t get this myself, and besides, it’s sapphire.” I
grinned looking at the necklace again and taking it off.
“Aw don’t take it off Jack! Ignore Tom, he’s just jealous he doesn’t have one.”
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Nightmare (under progress) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nightmare (under progress)   Nightmare (under progress) Icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2008 8:10 pm

Silverpaw, I was so intrigued by your story. Do you have any more of it ready to post?

Nightmare (under progress) Xoshi-Saber1
Nightmare (under progress) 211216672637ho9
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Nightmare (under progress) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nightmare (under progress)   Nightmare (under progress) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 20, 2008 11:57 am

Sadly I don't ^^; But thankyou so much! I'm still working working on all those scenes that I never editted for school perposes, but I'll definitely post them when I finish =3

Thankyou =D
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PostSubject: Re: Nightmare (under progress)   Nightmare (under progress) Icon_minitime

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Nightmare (under progress)
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